Our Mission

CARE’s mission is to help youths succeed. Every person is useful and has something positive to contribute. At-risk youths can be social assets instead of social liabilities. By being there for those who need a little more support, we can help change their future. Archimedes famously said, Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world. CARE’s chosen fulcrum is working with AT-RISK YOUTHS.

Our Values

Our guiding values To live & serve with FIRE!

Faith There is a success story in each child.
Innovation There is always a better way.
Resilience Problems are tough, but we are tougher!
Excellence In all we do, we give our very best!

Our Achievements


Comments from Students Parents School

Since our founding in 1997, CARE has touched over 30,000 youths, trained over 3,000 teachers & parents, and generated over 130,000 volunteer hours for over 6,000 volunteers.The scores of success stories are CARE’s proudest achievements and drive us to do better. We are also gratified by the comments from students as well as affirmation from teachers, parents and principals.