Hear4U is an online service set up by CARE Singapore for Singaporeans so that they have a space to seek advice and express their concerns on emotional and mental issues.

The service is available from on Mondays to Fridays.  Contact us via whatsapp message to our dedicated lines.

6978 2728 (English and official languages of Singapore)

  • This service is not meant to replace consultation with qualified medical practitioners.
  • The accuracy of advice given depends on input provided by the users, and the advice may not be all encompassing.
  • For concerns not addressed by this service, seeking prompt consultation with qualified practitioners is strongly recommended.
  • In the event of an emergency, please call 995 or SOS 1-767. 
  • Breach of confidentiality will take effect should there be harm done to self or others. Reference to ethical code of conduct from Singapore Association for Counselling.

For certain pre-existing or chronic medical or psychological conditions, it is not recommended to seek advice from Hear4U as you or your family members may require more specialised care.

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