What is X-CITE?

X-CITE is a wellbeing mentoring program to designed to help youth mentees build skills that lead to a happy and meaningful life. We are using an evidence-based program shown to improve wellbeing.

Mentoring will be done in small-group settings of 2 trained mentors with 4-5 youth mentees, meeting once a month, over 9 sessions. Our trained wellbeing mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, from banking and finance, healthcare, to arts and design.

Through X-CITE, we seek to support youths who want to learn skills to improve their mental resilience, want some guidance with careers/school, or are experiencing stressors.

How Does it Work?

X-CITE aims to help vulnerable youths find purpose in life through building relationships and facilitating meaningful conversations with like-minded peers.

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X-CITE's Steps to Happier Living

    1. Identifying what really matters to you
    2. Reflecting on what makes you happy
    3. Practicing mindfulness to find peace of mind
    4. Kindness and caring for others
    5. Embracing vulnerability to strengthen relationships
    6. Enhancing connections to be happier at work
    7. Giving back to build happier communities

Be X-CITE's Wellness Advocate

Mentor others in our community in wellness skills by:

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Learning facilitation and active listening skills and habits from leading positive psychology and wellbeing research


Connecting and collaborating with like-minded people as you hone your wellbeing skills


Discussing current challenges and issues


Mentoring someone in wellbeing goal-setting


Building a community that values and maximises each other's strengths


Imparting guidance and support, e.g., career guidance to others


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For October 2023 cycle (First session on Sat, 28 Oct, 10am at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre)