Board of Management

The Board of Management is the highest policy and decision-making body responsible for ensuring that CARE is governed and managed responsibly and prudently, stays solvent and delivers the charitable outcomes it was designed for. All board members are volunteers and do not derive any income from the organisation. Their diverse backgrounds in education, civil service, banking, business, etc, provides a strong backbone support. The Board is elected by the constitution membership to serve two-year terms.

There are no sub-committees at the present.

Recruitment: Chairman leads the process for all nominations pertaining to the appointment(s) of persons to be invited as members of the Board, in discussion with Society members.

Selection: The nominations will then be ratified by the Board of Directors.

Training: All new Board members would undergo orientation and training.

Evaluation: On a yearly basis, the Board of Directors perform a self-evaluation and discuss the board’s performance and effectiveness in areas such as strategic planning and financial control.